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Smack the Markets is an online trading club run by real traders for real traders. We are based in London and trade the UK (European) trading session specialising in, intraday and swing trading the currency, US index and commodity markets.  

Proprietor Simon Clarke started trading in 1994, and has over 25 years’ experience trading the financial markets. He’s trained thousands of new traders over the past 10 years, whilst sharing his trading ideas and presenting training webinars for many high profile brokers and financial exchanges such as, CMC Markets, Oanda, ETX Capital, TradeStation International, ICE and the CME (Chicago Mercantile exchange).

At Smack the Markets we teach new traders how to trade the markets, and then coach you through the learning curve for as long as you want in our online trading room. We demonstrate how we apply our trading methods in real market conditions day in and day out.  

All graduates of our one to one bespoke trading programs and trading academy courses are offered membership and invited to join our club, where you can continue to hone your skills in real market conditions whilst trading alongside us every day.

Simon Clarke:

Head Trader - Smack the Markets

Simon started his trading journey back in the mid 90’s as a private trader.  Initially trading options on a part time basis he progressed onto Tech stocks through the early 2000’s before turning his focus towards Forex, Commodities and the US Index market’s. Eventually he ceased his professional career to trade full time focusing on trading Forex and Index futures. He later joined forces with trading educator “Trade with Precision" and became a member of their trading team where he regularly shared his trading ideas and analysis with their members. 

During this time he also hosted webinars and spoke at seminars, sharing his analysis and trading ideas with some of the largest organisations in the financial world.  These included TradeStation Europe, CME, CMC Markets, ETX Capital, OANDA, Open E Cry, and RJO Futures. 
He also regularly speaks at trading seminars and carries out presentations for corporate brokers worldwide.

Over the past few years Simon has featured in a number of industry publications such as "Your Trading Edge Magazine" and “Traders Magazine” documenting his particular trading style and success. 

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