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Trading Room

Join us as we conduct our own analysis of the markets and identify the trading opportunities we are considering ourselves each day. You will be looking over our shoulder as we digest the days potential market moving news, scan through our favourite markets and build our watch list, discussing the opportunities that currently interests us. Each time we place a post in the room you will be notified via Facebook that a new post has been placed. We post short videos, screen shots with accompanying text, and text messages straight from our trading desks, explaining whats happening and the opportunities we are considering.

We run regular live sessions where we will build our trading plan for the day, you will be able to attend these live, or watch a recording of the session at your convenience. We will provide updates as the trading day unfolds adding new analysis and opportunities as and when they are identified. We also run a Trading Clinic once a month, to answer any questions and help you with your trading, these sessions are run live and also recorded for future viewing.

This is the best way to immerse yourself into this business once you have acquired the basic trading skills. You will see how we trade on a daily basis and be able to participate and ask questions during live sessions. We also post the trade setups we take before they trigger so you can see what markets we trade, when we trade and the setup we are looking at live, so you are able see how this plays out yourself in the live markets.

Members of the room will be given access to a closed, members only, Facebook group where updates are posted throughout the trading day and links to live sessions will be posted. 

Membership to the Trading Room is normally £130 per calendar month, however this exclusive offer with Blackwell Global gives you a trail month for £10, if you decide to stay beyond this point you will receive a £30 per month discount off the normal membership fee and pay £100 per calendar month for the life of your membership.

 (PayPal will manage foreign money transaction if you’re paying in a different currency)

Cancellations: after trying our service if you decide it is not for you, please contact us at within the first 14 days of your trial membership for a full refund.

Please see full terms and conditions for further details.

Join our Trading Room and try it for yourself

 If its not for you - cancel within the first 14 days for a full no question refund 

Once payment is made, click "Return to Merchant" from PayPal 

and this will direct you to the joining instructions

Trading Room Rules and Points to Note


  • The room will be most active during the UK/European trading day, from 8.00 GMT to 20.00 GMT.

  • Our preferred asset classes to trade are Forex, Indices and Commodities.

  • This is a closed member only group. Please do not repost or share any information or trade ideas that are discussed or shared within the group.

  • Trading is risky; risk management and trade management are the most important aspects of trading. Please ensure you apply good sound risk and trade management processes in accordance with your own trading risk profile. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Always trading with a stop loss

  2. Use correct position size according to your personal risk profile and account size.

  3. Use best practice principals to manage positions around major news events or times of increased volatility. 

  • Please respect other members opinions, we all have different views of the markets and there will be a mix of trading experience among members too.

  • Trade calls and analysis are the opinion of the publishing trader. We do not offer trading/investment advice as we are not registered to do so. All information shared in the trading room should be considered as educational only and not considered as advice.

  • If you choose to take a similar trade idea to ours you do so at your own risk. You do not hold Smack the Markets or the individual trader responsible for the outcome. Please remember we have losing trades as well as successful trades.

  • Please do not ask our traders for personal advice – we are not able or qualified to give this.

  • Do not share personal account information or monetary gains or losses as these are not helpful to everyone. Instead its a good idea to refer to gains or losses in terms of percentages. 

  • Please do not share information or links to 3rd party websites or companies. We need to be careful what is posted and gain appropriate permission to do so. If you have something that you think would be of interest to members please refer it to Smack the Markets administrators first.

  • You can cancel future subscription payments by notifying us at Please note refunds cannot be given for subscriptions already paid.

  • We provide a 14 day full refund cancellation policy for new subscribers.

  • We want to make the trading room a fun, enjoyable and valuable experience for all members. If these rules are persistently violated Smack the Markets retains the right to revoke membership where necessary. In these circumstances no refund will be given.

  • Please do engage if you have questions, we love to hear your feedback and above all else enjoy it.

This service is more suited to clients who already have some knowledge of trading. If you are new to trading or prefer more help with learning to trade, understanding trading strategies, and most importantly how to read price action, then please contact us to find out when we are next running our free "Trader Training Course" 

Join Smack the Markets Trading Room with a special introductory offer of £10 for the first month (a saving of 90% off the regular monthly subscription).

After the first month trial period a regular subscription is charged at £100 per month.

  • Special Blackwell Global introductory offer - trial month membership £10

  • If this is not for you - cancel within the first 14 days for a full refund

  • Like it and want to stay - do nothing and your subscription will automatically renew at the normal monthly fee of £100 per month after the first calendar month and monthly thereafter until you cancel.


Blackwell Global Special Invitation

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