Learn to trade the markets the Smack the Markets way

We teach new and already experienced traders our methods to trade the markets. This includes

(but is not limited to) assessing the day's trading environment, understanding technical analysis techniques,

how to read price action and how to apply the specific trading strategies we use to trade the markets.

We work with traders at all levels and have a number of techniques to help more experienced traders

overcome specific performance issues and achieve their trading goals.  

Experience has shown this is the most effective way to learn to trade. You will work with an experienced

trader on a one on one basis with an individually designed training programme that's specific to your needs. 

Our programmes are adapted to your current experience level and is therefore suitable whether you are

learning this business from scratch or if you are already trading and need help breaking through to the next level.

Smack the Markets only work with a small number of traders on a one on one basis at a time.  

If you’re interested in learning to trade with us, please use the contact form below to arrange a free

no obligation consultation with our Head Trader to discuss further.

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