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At Smack the Markets we offer a different way for serious traders who want a bespoke and personal approach to learning to trade. We work with a small number of new traders on a one-to-one basis at a time. This enables us to develop a program completely around you, whether you’re brand new to this business and need to start from scratch, or you have some experience but need to unlearn what’s not working and relearn new skills that do work.



Because your requirements may be unique, our bespoke programs are flexible too. We aim to work with new traders over the long term (typically as long as a year) to ensure you’ve mastered the skills and techniques we’ve taught, and also to ensure you can apply them effectively in different market conditions.



Our typical one-to-one programs will consist of weekly live online workshops covering the trading skills and techniques you need, moving gradually to monthly coaching and mentoring sessions as you become more proficient in trading on your own.



Our style of trading incorporates a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to read the markets, using one of four technical trading strategies to execute trade positions. Our strategies are suitable for all liquid markets including Indices, Forex and Commodities.


All our bespoke programs include some access to our online trading room, so you can observe

how we are using the same techniques to trade the markets ourselves. Once you have gained suitable experience in our trading methods and have a good understanding of risk management, you will be offered full membership, which will give you permanent access to the trading room and other membership services should you wish.


If you would like to discuss bespoke one-to-one training further, please get in touch by

completing the contact form below to arrange a no obligation consultation with our head trader.

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